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New Equipment

LBR Scientific works with many of the new manufacturers large and small to help you select the proper equipment for your facility and your budget. We work hand in hand with customers to match you with the proper sterilizer and washer that best meets your needs. Call us to discuss any equipment requirements you may have. LBR can also provide you with the installation, startup, warranty service and maintenance contracts for an all-in-one service. 




LBR Scientific has a complete line of remanufactured sterilizers in many different sizes and configurations. LBR doesn't just rebuild the sterilizer we completely remanufacture the unit. When the sterilizer is delivered to your facility it looks, operates and is better than new sterilizers and come with a complete one year warranty on parts and labor saving you in many cases half the cost of a new one. 

Our remanufacturing process is as follows: We take an existing pre-owned sterilizer and strip off all the piping, controls and insulations. The chamber is then glass beaded in the inside to a "like new" finish. The outside of the chamber and frame is sandblasted and painted with high temperature, rust resistant paint. The chamber is then re-insulated, new piping, valves, wiring and a new microprocessor is installed. The door is rebuilt to manufacturers specifications and remounted onto the chamber. All stainless steel panels are either replaced or professionally polished. We then fully test all different sterilizer cycles in our shop prior to the unit being delivered. 


We use a microprocessor control, which is a self-diagnostic system and provides all sterilizer cycle information on a two-line, 16 character LCD located on the control touchpad. The system provides one-step preprogrammed cycles select and offers the following cycles: vacuum, gravity, liquid and test. Eight cycles can be pre-programmed and configured in the field for easy adjustment by the operators. If a double door sterilizer is required we provide a full 2nd controller on the unload side so the operator can select, start and monitor the cycle.


A compact, reliable thermal printer with a take up spool provided the records information on a 2 1/4" strip chart I.D., cycle progression, selected parameters, date and time, chamber temperature/pressure, any alarms and a signature line for the operator. 


All valves and traps are nonproprietary parts and are available through local suppliers. All Valves are of brass contraction, piping in rigid brass or copper and unions are installed for easy disassembly. We use Asco electric solenoid valves so you will not have to provide an air compressor for operations of the valve thus eliminating the noise and leaks on an air compressor. 

Chamber and Jacket Temperature/

Temperature is sensed by a 100-ohm platinum RTD located generally in the drain piping (most units). Pressure is sensed by an analog pressure transducer. Both are easily calibrated microprocessor controller. 


All components are removed from the vessel, which is then refinished like new. The outside of the vessel is then painted with high-tempature, rust resistant paint and insulated with one inch think fiberglass insulation. The interior is cleaned with a fine glass bead. The vessel is hydrostatically tested at 1 1'2 times its rate working pressure. The doors are disassembled and rebuild to the original manufacturer's specifications. Our vessel comes with a five years warranty on structural defects.

Image by National Cancer Institute


Complete testing and calibration are preformed prior to any units being shipped. Our customers are always welcomed to inspect their sterilizers prior to shipping. Printouts from our test of the sterilizers are included with the operators manual.

Image by National Cancer Institute


All remanufactured units come with a one year warranty on all parts and labor. Service during this period is provided by LBR Scientific or its authorized service agent. The chamber is warranted for five years. 


Service Agreement

The cost effective way to prevent downtime from equipment malfunction is with regularly scheduled maintenance. LBR Scientific has qualified technicians trained in the lasted technology. We offer extended service agreements to keep your sterilizer running at its pack performance plus provide next day service guarantee in many areas. We can also diagnose many problems over the phone for your in house technicians to repair. Free technical service is available anytime for the lifetime you own the unit. 

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